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Argo shafts are made of polypropylene. They excel with exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures. They come with ready to use apertures for various pipe sizes. Shafts can be installed for collecting rain water. A barrier can be installed inside the shaft. A cover or a grating can be fixed on the top part of the shaft.

Sand traps

Argo sand traps are small, light and made entirely of polypropylene. They can be installed for collecting rain water. Inside the box structure there is a barrier that prevents sand, leaves and similar objects escaping to the canal which would cause pipe clogging. The sand traps are long-lasting and resistant to temperature changes.

Drain shaft

Argo drain shafts are made of polypropylene. They are usually installed in front of garages or around pools. Drain shafts are intended for collecting rain water and to prevent water pour into a garage, road etc.


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