Proper use of pipes and connecting elements

A professional installer of the fitting should plan and estimate every detail of the sewage system beforehand.

If a sewage system is to be installed outside the building, you should – before excavating – foresee a possibility of an unequal load on a part or parts of pipes due to possible eventual terrain subsidence. In these cases, we recommend that you excavate in a straight line with bends that enable the installation of special elements with specific angles (15°, 30°, 45° etc.). We also recommend that you line the bottom of the excavation with a smooth concrete base with a suitable incline and with suitable pipe holders to prevent pipe load only on the area of connectors.

Vertical fitting should pose no problem because the installation procedure is simplified by the connector sockets that function as dilation clips. Installations can be mounted in two ways:

1.) lay the pipe conduit so that the clips are cemented in the concrete slab of a storey

  • no additional securing is needed
  • any pipe elongation under the concrete slab will be absorbed by the connector in the lower storey without any shear load in the dilution element
  • to compensate for the elongation it is essential to determine the eventual pipe dilation beforehand
  • place a clamp in each storey to secure the pipes so that sliding is possible

2.) as a free pipe conduit, for example in the auxiliary shaft

Ensure the primary ventilation by extending the drainage pipe through the ceiling of the top storey in the building. The diameter of the ventilation pipe above the last drainage point should be equal to the diameter of the drainage pipe (usually 110mm). Special muzzle protection above the ventilation pipe is not necessary, however, be sure to provide a protection that will prevent the snow covering the muzzle in wintertime.

As a rule this system is used for lower buildings. It could also be called installation with venting. In some cases it reduces or removes siphon effects due to vacuum, however it does not remove the siphon effects due to compression (pressure).


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